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Ch. 6 Sisterhood
Felina is in no big hurry to get home, because she knew her house was empty. She wished she were on her way to meeting up with friends for a night cap or two. Even as she thinks this she turns her car in the direction of her house.
She was twenty-five years old and owned her own home as well as business.Impressive for such a young age, but it did come at a cost. She never messed around when it came to school. She graduated at the top of her class both in high school and college.
In many eyes she would be classified as the American Dream, but she would trade it all for just one person she could talk to. Someone who would except her for who she is and what she could do. She had no husband,no boyfriend, and no family.
Her parents were great. They lived and breathed for her. In fact most people called her spoiled. They gave her everything she ever wanted, but they were also the first to take it away when she had done wrong.
They wanted her to respect hard work, respect money, and understan
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Ch. 5 Sisterhood
Felina was at her desk waiting for the printer to finish printing out her charts, and the computer to flash file saved. It was another late night for her. Personally it was not a big deal for she had no one at home waiting for her. She had to get everything finalized and ready for a huge meeting tomorrow. If all went well as she planned, she would own another small business.
A storm was approaching, she could hear the thunder in the distance. When she looked out the window she could see flashes of lightening. She looks at her computer screen and sees the flashing icon, " File Saved". As she reaches out to turn her computer off, the power goes out and a loud burst of thunder cracks overhead causing her to fall back into her chair.
" Thank goodness, everything was saved." She rubs her hands through her bright red hair, or deep auburn as some call it. Felina falls into a past memory that took place in a storm just like this....
She was thirteen years old and had just reached the porch
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Ch. 4 Sisterhood
Ariel had just turned thirteen and she was grounded to her room for staying out past curfew the night before. She sat down at her desk to begin her homework, trying to ignore the sweat that was dripping from her brow. It was ninety eight degrees outside which made it one hundred and eight degrees inside the house. Their air conditioner unit was broken and the repair man was working on it.
She throws her pencil down and yells," I can't concentrate, it's to freaking hot in here."
Ariel walks over to her window and looks down on the man," I hope he fixes that thing soon."
She closes her eyes and imagines a breeze blowing her hair and cooling her face. She opens her eyes immediately, because she could actually feel a cool breeze. Ariel turns her back to the window and stares wide eyed in to the center of her room. There was a small cyclone circling in the middle of it.
It started kicking up papers on her desk. She walks over and places her hand on the papers so they wouldn't start flying a
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Ch. 3 Sisterhood
Ariel was in the bathroom at George's Bistro, looking into the mirror.Her brain was rattling on and on and she began to have a conversation with herself.
" OK, what the hell are you doing here? Yes you are lonely, but answering an ad in the paper?, this just makes you look desperate." She shakes her head in disappointment.
" So the guy made you laugh. You want funny read the comics in the newspaper. As for an intellectual conversation, so not happening."
Ariel takes a deep breath and runs her fingers through her long blonde hair.
" Showtime",she says and decides not to waste anymore lip gloss. Go out there tell him you had a great time, and take your butt home ALONE. The voice in her head practically yells.
She gives herself one more look over in the mirror, smiles and walks out the bathroom.
The man waits as Ariel gets in her car and starts it up. She waves one more time and pulls out of her parking spot turning right on Main Street. It was Friday night so the roads were busy. Despite
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Ch. 2 Sisterhood

Elizabeth pulls into her drive way just as the sky opened up and started to rain. She gets out of her car and runs up the steps to her door and shakes the rain off her. Closing the door behind her as she enters the house she locks it. She proceeds to walk through her living room to the kitchen and lay her briefcase and purse on the table.
She turns and goes back through so she can get to the stairs and go up to her room to change into something more comfortable and dry. Elizabeth walks over to her window and looks out into the stormy night. She is mesmerized by the sound of the storm and lets herself go back to the day in her childhood when she learned about her gift.
She was thirteen years old and playing hide-n-seek with some neighborhood kids outside in her yard. She comes running around the side of her house and she sees her mother's beautiful garden destroyed and ruined.
There were broken flowers barely connected to their stems. Roo
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Ch.1 Sisterhood
Elizabeth couldn't believe her luck as she sat outside of her work building waiting on a tow truck. Her front passenger side tire was flat and she had no clue how to change it. While she was sitting there waiting, she remembers the earlier confrontation she had with her boss.
He was a pompous ass who couldn't see fact if it were stamped in the middle of his forehead. Mr. Jack, as he liked to be called was on a major power trip. He assumed the position of manager and owner after the unexpected death of his father. He really had no clue on how to run this business, which his father built from the ground up with his own blood, sweat, and tears.
During all that time he lost both his first and second wife to divorce, because they got tired of all the late night hours, which often turned into the early morning. Now his son is in charge, and quite frankly will never be the man his father was, or so Elizabeth thought.
She was standing there in front of his beautiful cherry-wood desk listen
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Friendly Ties
Being a witch with kick-ass fighting skills and always
fighting the battle between good and evil, white magick
and black, super natural bad guys as well as human bad
guys it’s no wonder why she gets called the ultimate
Elements has to figure out which side she’s on.
Dealing with powers that seem out of this world and in
some cases they are. She also has to deal with shape shifters
and psychic vampires that want her dead.
But this is
nothing compared to the battle she has to fight within her
own heart. A lover from her past has resurfaced again after
leaving without a trace or a goodbye.
Trying to keep the
balance of good and evil and keeping her friends alive she
has a lot on her plate. With the help of her friends and
some unlikely allies’ will this be enough to win and keep
her heart, or is it a losing battle from the start?
:iconearthwitch74:Earthwitch74 3 1
See, Feel, Hear
See Me, Feel Me, Hear Me
If I stood in front of you, would you see me?
If I called out your name, would you hear me?
If I reached out and touched you, would you feel me?
If I were in the dark, would you be my light?
If I hit rock bottom, would you pick me up?
If I cried in pain, would you wipe away my tears?
If I gave you everything, would you love me?
You stand in front of me, and I do see you.
You call out my name, and I do hear you.
You reach out and touch me,and I do feel you.
You have cried in pain and I do wipe your tears away.
You have hit rock bottom, and I do pick you up.
You have been in the dark, and I was your light.
You haven't given me everything, and I do love you.
Look and see me, as I call your name.
 Feel my touch as I wipe away your tears.
Grab a hold of my hand as I pull you up.
 Let go of the dark and come to my light.
I give you my everything and know I love you and give it willingly.
:iconearthwitch74:Earthwitch74 2 2
What I want in Life
Hopes and Dreams
I want my heart to beat new life.
Remove all barriers, pull out the knife.
Darkness has been my light for so long.
Now hoping for brightness, and being strong.
I want to feel the sun on my face.
Arms around me, a lover's embrace.
Soft, gentle kisses they'd want to give me.
In my arms, in my eyes, happy they'd be.
I want to see the look of love in their eyes.
With each touch, I would slowly die.
A wonderful death it would be.
Over, and over my love they would see.
I want my lips to hold a smile.
Happiness for me, has been awhile.
Reaching out to them, they will always know.
Holding on tight, and never letting go.
I want this pain to finally end.
A new life, a new love, I'm ready to begin.
My heart will be open and ready to dance.
Who will be the one to take that chance?
I want to find my other half.
Ready to love, ready to laugh.
Kissing, holding and feeling all.
Together, hand in hand we will fall.
:iconearthwitch74:Earthwitch74 0 2
Luna of Mine
My guiding Light
I look to the sky
and talk to the moon.
She listens patiently
as I tell of my wounds.
She never judges me
from past mistakes.
She guides me willingly
on the paths I take.
She shows me the beauty
of the nights dance.
Revealing the secrets
of shadows enhance.
She touches my skin
with her silvery glow.
My love and emotions
a trickily flow.
She sends her light
to me all around.
As I dance to the rhythm
of nightly sounds.
:iconearthwitch74:Earthwitch74 4 1
Vampire's Call
Morals Gone
" Come to me."
The voice said.
Can't help but go,
filled with dread.
A tingly sensation
on my skin a glow.
Looking up at the sky,
but walking below.
Keep out of the light,
avoid the sun.
Damned to this Hell,
just want to run.
Stuck in the dark
is the new way.
No more to walk
the light of day.
No more emotions
do I feel.
Blood from a vein,
my only meal.
Death can't call,
for I'm out of reach.
:iconearthwitch74:Earthwitch74 2 3
Mind of Mazes
Enter if You Dare
To look into my mind,
you have to see through
the shadows cast
by the light of doubt.
Once you enter you have
to tread carefully,
so as to not get lost and
have no way out.
There are pieces of memories
through the maze
that is my mind,
that can bring tears to the eyes.
To find your way out
you must learn to take
the paths of truth and
not follow the lies.
The lies that were told
to me are scattered about,
like the broken limbs
from the tr
:iconearthwitch74:Earthwitch74 2 0
Catch my Heart to Love
Catch my heart to love
To fall in love is to give your soul
to the one who holds your heart.
A heart worthy of a touch
so pure and true.
True to the eyes, pure to the touch,
holding the blackest rose.
Each petal softer then the lips
so full of pleasure bound in a world apart.
Worlds apart and yet still touching,
riding the wind to passions hold.
Catch me where I fall before you
and find my heart so black from
your touch so cold.
I stand before you from my knees
looking into your eyes.
The cold from your touch is home.
My eyes bleeding light to learn
that which consumes my hands
on your heart.
The light is truth my eyes see,
to consume your heart is
what my blood wants.
Want no more, for it is now
I kneel before your warm embrace
waiting for time to stop.
In your embrace is all I wanted
and now I kneel before you,
in your eyes all time is frozen.
In this I give up that which
you long for, my heart and soul.
Arise my dark knight and take
this token I off
:iconearthwitch74:Earthwitch74 3 0
Mature content
Come and Dance in The Rain with Me :iconearthwitch74:Earthwitch74 2 0
Stone Heart
Heart of Stone
Pain is calling me
home again.
Happy I was now
sadness sets in.
My heart is breaking to
the rhythm of you.
Hard to breathe don't
know what to do.
Numb to everything
around me.
When I close my eyes
your face I see.
Tears streaming down
my face.
Gone you are now
without a trace.
Broken and shattered
I sit alone.
Because of you my heart
is now stone.
:iconearthwitch74:Earthwitch74 3 0
Fear Not Me, I am Love
Fear Not Me, I am Love
There are times being with you is amazing. Then other times it's like walking on broken glass.
Your smile can melt my heart in a instant. Your actions can cut me like a knife bleeding to death.
In your eyes I see shadows of the truths not said. With your touch you raise tidal waves of passion.
I know I am drowning. I can feel the water filling up my lungs. Can't breathe, Can't breathe.
My legs are kicking to the surface and yet it is the ocean floor I feel.
Watery images play out before me. I see you reaching out your hand and then you pull it back.
Is this a game? or Are you scared too? Is this why you are hot one minute and then cold the next?
Is it because you fear the drowning of me? As I know I am drowning for you?
Look at me, and really see what I offer. My hand is out to you. I will not pull it away.
Come with me and stand on this ocean floor. Don't fear the drowning of what we could have with each other.
Embrace the sensa
:iconearthwitch74:Earthwitch74 1 0


Only In My Head by FrankAtt Only In My Head :iconfrankatt:FrankAtt 1,419 109 Emo Girl by BinkaKitty Emo Girl :iconbinkakitty:BinkaKitty 20 2 Very Much Alive by PollyPlum Very Much Alive :iconpollyplum:PollyPlum 14 5 Medli by StormTheDragon Medli :iconstormthedragon:StormTheDragon 16 6
Wake to it,
those at play previously unnoticed,
world no longer seems centered around the need of my shadow call,
find self actually the outcast that had thought them to be,
it was self who really had lost touch,
reeling from too much.

Where to go from here?

no road
only hope
blank slate
lies of fate

What to make of it all?

need to grow
meld again

But do I want to?

no choice
besides death
a role

Takes on the magician that undoes it all.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 9 0
Madison by Mega-Man-King Madison :iconmega-man-king:Mega-Man-King 28 13 Highland Dominion by FrankAtt Highland Dominion :iconfrankatt:FrankAtt 796 52
The Spirit
I can expand beyond even boundaries,
I can extend not only a hand but a thought to you, 
for you and on behalf of you,
some try to say I'm powerless and say only solid things have might,
however when you can only walk or run,
I can take flight.
Forged from creation may be many beautiful things, 
forged from energy even blades of steel,
but what of the creator of worlds? 
Or the thinker of thoughts? 
What of the calm after the storm?
Some try to say I am only created and that I will never be a source,
however when you try to darken someone's day, 
I can bring the light of dawn with force.
Limitless and bursting, 
invigorated and thirsting,
I grab life by the horns and make it hum,
some try to say I am but a pawn,
but I know better for I am a spirit and I play to the beat of my own drum.

:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 14 0
These empty spaces escalate 
till they infuriate
joined by blood of brotherhood 
thickens as it dominates
strengthens till it satiates 
left to walk free 
open to sprawl 
to forevermore
lighting the lantern
till it radiates
beauty has become you
till all gravitates
pathways to ocean floors
wanting it to rain
it may 
till your heart's content 
sparkling downpours
freedom of mind
greatest joy
explore caverns of every ploy
dance with divinity
making corners one used to turn
walking into infinity

:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 15 0
Inspire by Whisper-of-a-phoenix Inspire :iconwhisper-of-a-phoenix:Whisper-of-a-phoenix 10 4
Distant Voices
-Dedicated to those who saw only one 
solution to bullying and to their loved ones

You mocked me, 
socked it to me and left me there pleading, 
and I the foolish one who'd ended up believing, 
nothing quite so unrelieving.
Shrill laughter cackles down corridors of learned shame, 
all I absorbed here in the manner of my haunting,
was my defense of self seeming always left wanting.
A moment alone with each, caught apart from the rest, 
I tried to ask some for reason, begged mercy for their treason, 
I tried to do my best.
They fouled the air I breathed and made my sanity scarce, 
they pointed up the worst as though I was some monster, 
later wishing I had guessed their farce,
equanimity ticked slowly behind me,
had become too sparse.
Burning embers emblazoned with venom spits of bile, 
oh we have not seen each other in quite a while, 
since you last met me I have grown some teeth, 
you can find my name now
:iconiam-dreamfire:Iam-Dreamfire 12 25
A whispering in the wind.
A murmuring in the waters.
A rustling in the leaves.
Where are you?
Footsteps in empty hallways.
Ticking noises in empty shops.
Rumbling sounds in empty streets.
Where are you?
A whispering is all that is left of my voice.
Too long, I have been screaming.
Too long, I have been yelling.
There is nothing left.
And still I wander.
Following the paths long forgotten.
Following the riverbeds dried out long before.
Searching the empty buildings of a city,
where every living being has fallen to dust.
I hope.
I pray.
I search.
And I fall back into despair.
I believe I hear voices in the distance.
An illusion?
The wish of a delirious mind.
I yearn for the warmth of an embrace...
And yet, all hope seems lost.
Where are you?
:iconcheroshseiphar:CheroshSeiphar 3 6
Pitch Black

Listening to that song,
I know I don't belong,
between you and her,
why can't I just leave?
Do what's right,
but in this mirror I continue this fight.

Why won't you push me away?
Tell me to go to hell?
Why does she put up with my presence as well?
In your darkest shadows I do dwell.

Every day my strength grows,
yes we're keeping her on her toes,
I don't want foes,
I'm just love sick, 
sick in the dying throes.

Sickened by myself,
but I'm by myself,
a foreigner looking in,
all I can see,
is the place I think I should be.

Even if I got you,
maybe it's the chase,
maybe once all's in ruin,
for me it'd just erase,
this is a possibility I might have to face.

So now she's gone,
here we sit,
car all dark, 
parked in the thick of the fo
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 13 0
She who weeps in shadow,
Shall know no pain or sorrow,
But revenge so sweet and clear,
Grows as an evergreen, tall and firm.
Her soul breaks for the loss,
Its passion diminished, anger replaced.
Tears flow and the heart is lost,
Yet she stands for all to see.
She who stands smiles,
Knowing the end is near,
Her beloved is gone,
And so will be his destruction.
:iconkirajb:Kirajb 2 3

The raven was caught in the spell of her making,
hair so jet black,
eyes hauntingly blue,
perfect world of nothing,
greenest meadows hold no hue.

Rural paradise,
she wanders forests in search of peace,
rivers edge,
so dark and inviting like woolen fleece.

Peppered with specks of the things she resists,
charcoal now becomes a bird of prey,
taunting to draw forbidden treasure,
taking every calculated measure.

She watches him at dinner,
at rest and at play,
she knows not why God has made her feel this way,
things she'll never be able to say.

Break of day amongst skies so true,
he caught her there,
contemplating the end of all lies,
should she tell the truth,
as though to honey would descend the flies.

To spill the goods or be tortured for life,
to bleed it away with stroke o
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 15 0
The Key
He was torn from her way too soon,
his deathbed reeked of opportunities also passing,
her firstborn he'd never meet,
all she could do was try to warm his cooling feet.

I spoke to him, 
just two of us alone,
asked him where was his favourite place to roam,
he told me Hollywood,
he and my mom were once gonna be stars,
told him when he wanted he could go there in the now,
his debts were paid here anyhow.

Grew up with him,
long summers of pleasure and sun,
never truly connected, 
till his body this time was almost done.

He'd never cared to hear of the spiritual side,
this life, then who cares and who really knows?
It became precious when the tests started to show,
not very long to go. 

Cancer was eating it's way through his cells, 
told him he's not his flesh though here he currently dwelled,
such relief in a sweet uncle's face,
he saw he was more than this wilting flower, 
this hospita
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 9 0



Well my book is off to a semi slow start, but I still have high hopes for it. i will not know what I did in sales this month until september. But to those who are interested , it can be purchased on bookstore,, barns& in hard cover, soft cover and in ebook, as well as kindle. Blessings


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I am Wicca as well as a solitaire practitioner. I have 3 beautiful daughters. My art basically consists of my poetry and my stories.Blessings! Peace, Love, and Light!


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